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Regional Records

Please note: At this time the regional records do not reflect the division splits between the large/small schools in 3A. 4A and 5A. We expect the split to occur within the next week. Thank you for your patience.

Region 3 Division 1

Wt. ClassEventAthleteTeamRecordYear
97SquatChloie DevillierJacksonville2702020
BenchChloie DevillierJacksonville1252020
DeadliftChloie DevillierJacksonville2652020
TotalChloie DevillierJacksonville6602020
105SquatVivian WilliamsTyler Legacy2702023
BenchVivian WilliamsTyler Legacy1752023
DeadliftLexi BallMidlothian2752011
TotalVivian WilliamsTyler Legacy6852023
114SquatMia ZunigaTyler Legacy3702023
BenchMia ZunigaTyler Legacy2252023
DeadliftLily EscamillaMidlothian3202014
TotalMia ZunigaTyler Legacy8702023
123SquatChassity SimsLindale3502016
BenchReese RobertsWhitehouse1802021
DeadliftChassity SimsLindale3652016
TotalChassity SimsLindale8452016
132SquatAlyssa AllisonGreenville3602019
BenchAnna MorelandTyler Legacy1952023
DeadliftAreanna GillMarshall3402023
TotalAlyssa AllisonGreenville8352019
148SquatLeslie MedinaHuntsville4002023
BenchAlexandra MartinezMount Pleasant2102023
DeadliftLeslie MedinaHuntsville3752023
TotalLeslie MedinaHuntsville9702023
165SquatFatima AmayaRoyse City3952023
BenchOlivia LemmertTyler Legacy2002023
DeadliftHunter PorterRed Oak4152011
TotalFatima AmayaRoyse City9602023
181SquatMakenna HendersonMidlothian4002017
BenchNina HolmRoyse City2452023
DeadliftMariah CarterWaxahachie4002020
TotalMariah CarterWaxahachie9402020
Nayeli JaimesMount Pleasant9402022
198SquatMakenna HendersonMidlothian4502018
BenchNayeli JaimesMount Pleasant2852023
DeadliftNayeli JaimesMount Pleasant3852023
TotalNayeli JaimesMount Pleasant11052023
220SquatSadie HewittForney4752020
BenchHaley GardellaRoyse City2802023
DeadliftHaley GardellaRoyse City4252023
TotalHaley GardellaRoyse City11502023
259SquatAja BosticRoyse City5152023
BenchAja BosticRoyse City2752023
DeadliftKellsy Blue-JohnsonMarshall4152023
TotalAja BosticRoyse City11752023
220+SquatMcKayla DurhamNorth Forney5402013
BenchMcKayla DurhamNorth Forney2152013
DeadliftKristine RobinsonMidlothian3552011
TotalMcKayla DurhamNorth Forney10902013
259+SquatMadison WrightMarshall5002023
Laikahs KellyCorsicana5002023
BenchJalyce DennisWhitehouse2902020
DeadliftLaikahs KellyCorsicana4102023
TotalLaikahs KellyCorsicana11302023