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Promoting and governing the strongest women's sport in Texas high school athletics
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Regional Records
Region 2 Division 1

Wt. ClassEventAthleteTeamRecordYear
97SquatHope SpiveyCollege Station2502017
BenchHope SpiveyCollege Station1452017
DeadliftKarissa ArroyoSan Marcos3052015
TotalKarissa ArroyoSan Marcos6602015
105SquatLe Uyen DoGeorgetown East View2702017
Arianna GarciaBelton2702017
BenchLe Uyen DoGeorgetown East View1352017
DeadliftChristi CorkranCollege Station A&M Cons2902015
TotalLe Uyen DoGeorgetown East View6752017
114SquatMichaela CastilloKyle Lehman3002011
BenchAlyssa LefevreDripping Springs1702014
DeadliftLeah SanchezCollege Station3202017
TotalAlyssa LefevreDripping Springs7402014
123SquatKalen WootanCollege Station3302017
BenchDevion EnglishBelton1802017
DeadliftAlexis VillalobosElgin3252017
TotalKalen WootanCollege Station8102017
132SquatRubylee PerezKyle Lehman3752017
BenchDana YoungBelton1952017
DeadliftAshley TroutmanCollege Station3652015
TotalAshley TroutmanCollege Station8952015
148SquatAlexis YslaKyle Lehman3702017
BenchBree GossettCleburne1952014
DeadliftBree GossettCleburne3752014
TotalBree GossettCleburne9052014
165SquatJulia McGinnisCollege Station4052017
BenchAshleigh AndrewsCopperas Cove2402012
DeadliftKaitlyn JacksonSan Marcos4002017
TotalAshleigh AndrewsCopperas Cove10352012
181SquatKatie LollarCollege Station4602017
BenchKatie LollarCollege Station2452017
DeadliftAlexandra HowardLockhart4052015
TotalKatie LollarCollege Station10802017
198SquatSuba JohnsonCollege Station4702016
BenchCamryn ByrtleCollege Station A&M Cons2052017
DeadliftSuba JohnsonCollege Station4152015
TotalSuba JohnsonCollege Station10452016
220SquatNatalie GuerraKyle Lehman4202014
BenchNatalie GuerraKyle Lehman2402014
DeadliftTimmea JoinerTemple4452016
TotalNatalie GuerraKyle Lehman10252014
Timmea JoinerTemple10252016
259SquatEllie HairCollege Station5002017
BenchEllie HairCollege Station2452017
DeadliftEllie HairCollege Station4052017
TotalEllie HairCollege Station11502017
220+SquatLexi HarrisCleburne5102016
BenchLexi HarrisCleburne3602016
DeadliftLexi HarrisCleburne4652016
TotalLexi HarrisCleburne13352016
259+SquatLexi HarrisCleburne5902017
BenchLexi HarrisCleburne4052017
DeadliftLexi HarrisCleburne4852017
TotalLexi HarrisCleburne14802017