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Holland Powerlifting Meet - Holland High School - 1/12/2017 - THSWPA Girls

Individual Results Click a lifter name to view individual results. Click a team name to view team standings. Click a heading to change sorting.

Wt. ClassPlace *School ClassAthleteTeamBWTSquatBench PressDead LiftTotal
97BO3Knight, LaurenFlorence8911001500
105BO4Mancilla, StephanieSalado10326502750
11413Bedell, DaphneyBruceville-Eddy11421075195480
12313Finley, LaceyBruceville-Eddy11620585200490
12324Deen, ReginiaSalado12217590185450
123BO3Rodriguez, UniqueFlorence12316502050
13213Gray, HannahFlorence127205110235550
13222Fonseca, GladisHolland13018580205470
14813Coston, JillianBruceville-Eddy144265135230630
14822King, TatyanaHolland140250120235605
14833McCann, LucyBruceville-Eddy136205105225535
14843Anzualda, GabriellaBruceville-Eddy138185105185475
14852Hull, KatyHolland14318590180455
148BO2Toeppe, ToriHolland1470801750
16513Rosales, AshleyFlorence165315170250735
16524Thrasher, RoxiSalado15919080180450
18112Janke, AllisonHolland173300185280765
18122Cryer, JessicaHolland169210150215575
18132Crow, JadeHolland17820090220510
181BO4Matthews, AbbeySalado17630002450
19812Santos, DorothyHolland187200165215580
22013Meyer, CheyenneBruceville-Eddy199380200385965
22023Betancourt, EmiliaBruceville-Eddy210385170370925
25913Graybill, EricaBruceville-Eddy247380175350905
25922Stroud, MykenzieHolland224350155280785
25933Bonnet, SkylarFlorence23714565200410
* BO-Bombed Out     SC-Scratched     DQ-Disqualified

Team Results Click a heading to change sorting

TeamPlaceScoring *RegionDivision
Bruceville-Eddy17+7+7+7+7+5+3+2=45 points23
Holland27+7+5+5+5+5+3+1=38 points23
Florence37+7+3=17 points23
Salado45+5=10 points22
* 1st-7 points     2nd-5 points     3rd-3 points     4th-2 points     5th-1 point